Mashes Twitter, TwitPic, Brightkite and Ale


Each St Patrick’s Day, a select group of eager drinkers make a pre-dawn pilgrimage to McSorley’s Old Ale House in New York.  This year, we posted our their antics to with a decent amount of fanfare.

“It’s a genius Twitter/Brightkite/Flickr mashup that documents the debauchery in real time.”

“I don’t totally get it, but it seems to be a hybrid of Twitter and Brightkite, in which you can read a stream of drunken Twitters and look at fuzzy pictures of pints.” (Close enough)
- Village Voice

“Should you decide to join them tonight, you may want to consider avoiding the more obvious destinations like McSorley’s (where the mob lined up to start drinking at dawn)”
- Gothamist

“It’s not actually video, just images and tweets from McSorley’s in the East Village. Still looks like more fun than I am currently having.”
- Amanda Dobbins via BuzzFeed

“ kicks the crap out of . Way to do it with class”
- Christopher Lehault via twitter

- Lush Life via Twitter

Some people got it, some didn’t. We had fun and, though we Tweeted in years prior, it shows how Twitter is growing more main stream every day. Next year we’ll hopefully have more participation and stay tuned for similar experiments throughout the year.