Elbows Updates

Over the last few weeks we’ve been making silent updates to Elbows. Here are some of the more important enhancements and, as usual, if you have any suggestions, please let us know.

Faster Searches
We’ve implemented the full-text search engine, Sphinx to replace our previous MySQL full-text search. This has lead to much faster searches and also the ability to sort results by relevance rather than by date.

Complete History
Elbows started in late April of 2005, but due to performance issues, we were forced to archive a good chunk of posts. Thanks to some creative database changes and the addition of the new search engine, we were able to restore the complete archives back into the site.

Artist Feeds
This is something that people have been requesting for quite a while. The current artist pages are ‘/artist/artist-name/’. Simply append ‘feed’ to that in order to get artist feeds. Eg: http://elbo.ws/artist/radiohead/feed/ .

Video Searches
When you perform a search on the site, you’ll see an option in the middle bar to view video results for that search string. Eg: http://elbo.ws/videos/?q=radiohead

Larger Images
We were getting sort of tired of trying to make out those tiny 72×72 images that we’re been using for the posts, so we’ve switched to a smarter format that will show images in their original aspect with a height up to 125 pixels. Check it out and you’ll see what we’re saying.