Crushes Gets a Nod in CNN Money Article

Today, after reading through our usual source of Facebook articles we were happy to see that CNN Money gave a positive shoutout to our Crushes application on Facebook. You can read the quote below:

Applications that augment or mimic existing features on Facebook – such as the wall (a space for writing messages) or a poke (a way for friends to say a quick hello) – are also more likely to take off. And those that stumble on even the smallest bug are likely to become roadkill. Matches, a flirting application, fell into a hole when a time-out bug, a Facebook glitch, stopped the app in its tracks. In the week it took to fix it, Matches lost about 100,000 users and ceded the category to a rival called Crushes. The lesson, Farmer says, is “users don’t care why it doesn’t work or whose fault it is. They will leave and probably not come back.”

Read the entire CNN Money article here. Add the Crushes Application here!