Mashes Twitter, TwitPic, Brightkite and Ale


Each St Patrick’s Day, a select group of eager drinkers make a pre-dawn pilgrimage to McSorley’s Old Ale House in New York.  This year, we posted our their antics to with a decent amount of fanfare.

“It’s a genius Twitter/Brightkite/Flickr mashup that documents the debauchery in real time.”

“I don’t totally get it, but it seems to be a hybrid of Twitter and Brightkite, in which you can read a stream of drunken Twitters and look at fuzzy pictures of pints.” (Close enough)
- Village Voice

“Should you decide to join them tonight, you may want to consider avoiding the more obvious destinations like McSorley’s (where the mob lined up to start drinking at dawn)”
- Gothamist

“It’s not actually video, just images and tweets from McSorley’s in the East Village. Still looks like more fun than I am currently having.”
- Amanda Dobbins via BuzzFeed

“ kicks the crap out of . Way to do it with class”
- Christopher Lehault via twitter

- Lush Life via Twitter

Some people got it, some didn’t. We had fun and, though we Tweeted in years prior, it shows how Twitter is growing more main stream every day. Next year we’ll hopefully have more participation and stay tuned for similar experiments throughout the year.

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Is The Dow Up?

In these trying economic times,  companies have to trim some fat. Why get fancy with graphs and charts when all we want to know is “Is The Dow Up?

Our newest site, provides only the most vital of information so you can get back to business.

Read More / Permalink Shows How Long That Movie Is

Runtimes.mobiEver been in a movie theater and wondered to yourself, “How long is this movie anyway?” My wife has and I usually end up trying to read IMDB or WikiPedia on my tiny phone browser. is a simple site that shows the length (and rating) of currently released movies. It’s a simple, but effective tool when you just have to know.

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Hairdoing Tracks Social Haircuts

HairdoingWe’ve recently launched a quickie site that tracks haircuts on twitter and flickr. It’s called hairdoing and it provides an interesting look into how people report and show off their haircuts.

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Follow Elbows on Twitter

Elbows on TwitterNow you can watch all of the action at the top of the Elbows Charts by following us on Twitter. Get the latest top artist, track and video updates with more updates to come as we build them in.

You can also check out NM3′s post about the Post to Twitter addition to Elbows video pages.

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Be an Elbows Fan on Facebook

We recently launched an Elbows fan page on Facebook. You can chat with other Elbows users and get updates on new features. Check it out here.

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Elbows Updates

Over the last few weeks we’ve been making silent updates to Elbows. Here are some of the more important enhancements and, as usual, if you have any suggestions, please let us know.

Faster Searches
We’ve implemented the full-text search engine, Sphinx to replace our previous MySQL full-text search. This has lead to much faster searches and also the ability to sort results by relevance rather than by date.

Complete History
Elbows started in late April of 2005, but due to performance issues, we were forced to archive a good chunk of posts. Thanks to some creative database changes and the addition of the new search engine, we were able to restore the complete archives back into the site.

Artist Feeds
This is something that people have been requesting for quite a while. The current artist pages are ‘/artist/artist-name/’. Simply append ‘feed’ to that in order to get artist feeds. Eg: .

Video Searches
When you perform a search on the site, you’ll see an option in the middle bar to view video results for that search string. Eg:

Larger Images
We were getting sort of tired of trying to make out those tiny 72×72 images that we’re been using for the posts, so we’ve switched to a smarter format that will show images in their original aspect with a height up to 125 pixels. Check it out and you’ll see what we’re saying.

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Crushes Gets a Nod in CNN Money Article

Today, after reading through our usual source of Facebook articles we were happy to see that CNN Money gave a positive shoutout to our Crushes application on Facebook. You can read the quote below:

Applications that augment or mimic existing features on Facebook – such as the wall (a space for writing messages) or a poke (a way for friends to say a quick hello) – are also more likely to take off. And those that stumble on even the smallest bug are likely to become roadkill. Matches, a flirting application, fell into a hole when a time-out bug, a Facebook glitch, stopped the app in its tracks. In the week it took to fix it, Matches lost about 100,000 users and ceded the category to a rival called Crushes. The lesson, Farmer says, is “users don’t care why it doesn’t work or whose fault it is. They will leave and probably not come back.”

Read the entire CNN Money article here. Add the Crushes Application here!

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Elbows Redesign Launched

After several long months of design and coding, itMayBe Media is proud to launch the redesign of Music Blog Aggregator, Elbows. Special thanks to graphic designer, Joe Jordan, for the fresh look.

What’s Hot
The redesign includes an expanded Hot Artists section that includes a thumbnail from a random post as well as some teaser text to draw readers to the artist’s page or to the blog featured. The Hot Videos section allows visitors to view top videos embedded into the middle bar.

The search functions have been consolidated to allow visitors a single screen which includes search results from posts, artists, mp3s, and blogs.

The Future
The redesign has been taking up quite a bit of our time. Now that it’s finished, we can focus on adding new and interesting features throughout the site.

If you have any questions or requests, please email us at

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4cast Weather Passes Top Weather App on Facebook

4cast WeatherAfter a month of constantly positive growth, 4cast Weather has passed “Weather” to become the most used weather application on Facebook. Special thanks to each and every user of 4cast Weather for making this possible. Some big things are on the horizon for this app, so stick around. And as always, don’t forget to tell your friends.

Thanks to Appaholic for the data.


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